The Black Widow – How To Eliminate This Little Lady

by | Mar 30, 2024 | Spiders

Most people who live in the great state of Arizona have become acquainted with the black widow spider. The female is especially noticeable due to her large size and red mark on her abdomen. The female black widow is far more toxic than the male. The male black widow does not even bite and is really quite harmless while the female black widow has a nasty, poisonous bite. The webs of the black widow spider do not need much space and are generally thick and matted in nature.

The web is unusually formed in a tangled up way as compared to most other spider webs. The venomous bite of the female black widow spider web is nothing to scoff at either. The easily recognizable size and shape has made the female black widow spider one of the most feared spiders in the state. The fact is that the venomous black widow bite is fifteen times more toxic than a bit from the infamous rattlesnake. Thankfully even though the bite from the female black widow is painful and dangerous it is not likely to be deadly.

The black widow is drawn to any warm, dry and stable nook. If you have piles of any kind of debris that have been left undisturbed for any length of time you are asking for problems with black widow spiders. Additionally these creatures can make their tangled webbed home among any storage area under structures or within plant structures. Any structure can be a cozy home for the black widow spider. It is a good idea to around any areas near your home where there are prime conditions for this type of dangerous spider.

In order to keep your own property as free from these pesky spiders as possible keep all areas well landscaped. This includes sweeping away all external indications of spider webbing and other types of debris that easily collects around the property. Within your home regular vacuuming and sweeping as well as cleaning around window sills help to prevent the black widow spider from taking up unwanted residence. When clearing out any areas suspected of a black widow infestation use extreme caution including the use of gloves and long sleeved shirts.

These spiders require expert treatment in order to completely eradicate them from your property. Contact our team of pest control experts today for more information about how to rid your property of the threat of the black widow spider. Preventative treatments greatly reduce all spider activity, bringing you peace of mind. Our team offers regular service options to treat the outer area surrounding your home as well as the foundation of the home itself.

For more information visit our website or call our pest control experts today. Those who are very young as well as those who are elderly are most at risk when it comes to the bite from a black widow spider. Additionally small pets are likely to poke their nose around undisturbed places where the black widow tends to linger. Protect those you love from the risks associated with the black widow spider by consulting with out experts. We know what it takes to treat these pests and eliminate the threat for good.