In Mesa, Arizona it is not uncommon for homeowners to wake up one morning to discover a trail of ants inside the house. Often these tiny critters can be found crawling on the counters of the kitchen or on any tiled surface in the house. You may not know this but tiny ants have been labeled with the coveted title of the most annoying pest in the whole country. This is because they tend to make their way inside your home when the weather is hot outside. They are expert at searching out food and water anywhere it can be found. The tiniest outside crack in your wall is an invitation for a healthy ant infestation.

There are certain rooms within any home that are particularly vulnerable to an ant infestation. In fact, according to data collected by the National Pest Management Association, found that kitchens and bathrooms have a high vulnerability percentage compared to other rooms inside the home.
The kitchen has a 96% chance of being vulnerable to an ant infestation. Not only are ants innately attracted to the food crumbs and other spills that commonly occur in the kitchen, they are also drawn to the water in the sink. That water is a strong pull for the ants because their survival totally depends on the need for water. You may have experienced an increased problem with ants if you left the kitchen counter in an unclean state. Immediately wiping down the counter of any excess crumbs and spills will go a long way towards preventing an ant infestation.

A few more tricks to keeping unwanted ants from your kitchen has to do with the way you choose to store your foods. This is especially important for sweet foods like honey and sugar. It is best to store these items inside of plastic storage containers with well-fit lids. If the lids are airtight that helps to keep any enticing odors from escaping and attracting ants into your pantry or kitchen counter. Another trick is to add a bay leaf into the area where you are storing food. Whether inside the container where you store flour or inside the cookie jar, the bay leaf emits a strong scent that is a natural repellent to many insects.

Do your best to keep any water leaks in your kitchen and bathroom under control.  As you keep the areas as dry as possible while cleaning regularly with disinfectant you will be doing all you can to keep the ants at bay. Since ants can find their way inside through miniscule cracks you may need professional help to keep the Arizona ants outside where they belong. Our team of pest control experts can treat the exterior of your home in order to prevent future problems. We can make recommendations for any holes that need repair as a result of the wear and tear on the exterior of your home. There are many ways to effectively treat ant infestations and prevent further issues. If you are aware of an ant problem anywhere on your property contact our Professionals today. Ants are difficult to contain and require consistent, professional pest containment in order to rid your home of the threat.