Bees Wasps & Hornets .. Oh My!

by | Mar 30, 2024 | Wasps

We all know that bees are an essential part of the ecosystem but they can also become a serious hazard when they swarm and nest in certain places. Wasps and bees can attack small animals and children creating devastation and even death. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the seriousness of the threat. It can also be a challenge at times to correctly identify whether the problem at hand is centered on wasps or bees. These flying, stinging pests can vary widely in size and shape.

Most people who stumble upon a swarm of these types of insects do not stick around long enough to take a closer look. Usually feelings range from a sense of urgency to all out panic. This is especially true if the swarm is large and aggressive. It can also be a life-threatening situation if anyone has severe allergic reactions to the insect stings. Before determining the most effective and safe way to eliminate the threat it is critical to identify the exact insect. Types of wasps, hornets and bees have such a wide variance that proper identification is essential to controlling the problem.

You may have a strong urge to make an attempt to eradicate the problem on your own. This desire likely stems from the natural response ingrained within you to protect your pets and family members. In all honesty the very best thing you can do to best protect your family in this situation is to keep calm and call our team of Professionals. We can help you in a timely manner with your best interest in mind. Remember that our expert pest control technicians have the experience needed to act swiftly and safely to eradicate the problem.

When you discover a swarm or hive the first call you should make is to our pest control hotline. We can respond in a moments notice once you take the time to call and describe the problem. When we come to do a full inspection of your property you will be instructed to keep any pets and family members inside the home or away from the property. Your observations along with the current state of the problem will be an essential part of our problem solving approach.


Once we get to your property we can use our expertise to hone in on the root of the problem, identifying the swarm or nest. This will help us to know exactly what you are dealing with in terms of the type of stinging insect and the extent of the infestation. We will be able to move into a plan of action intended to not only eradicate the current problem but also prevent further infestations from occurring, Our pest control Technicians will be able to offer advise on further services such as any need for colony removal or other, more extensive services.

Whatever the level of the problem you are dealing with we have the solution to your bee or wasp infestation problems. We offer the best in safe, effective, long lasting solutions. Contact our team for more information today.