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The Ants Go Marching One by One in Mesa, Arizona – Ant Control Tips

In Mesa, Arizona it is not uncommon for homeowners to wake up one morning to discover a trail of ants inside the house. Often these tiny critters can be found crawling on the counters of the kitchen or on any tiled surface in the house. You may not know this but tiny ants have been labeled with the coveted title of the most annoying pest in the whole country. This is because they tend to make their way inside your home when the weather is hot outside. They are expert at searching out food and water anywhere it can be found. The tiniest outside crack in your wall is an invitation for a healthy ant infestation. Continue reading

The Black Widow – How To Eliminate This Little Lady

Most people who live in the great state of Arizona have become acquainted with the black widow spider. The female is especially noticeable due to her large size and red mark on her abdomen. The female black widow is far more toxic than the male. The male black widow
does not even bite and is really quite harmless while the female black widow has a nasty, poisonous bite. The webs of the black widow spider do not need much space and are generally thick and matted in nature. Continue reading

Bees Wasps & Hornets .. Oh My!

We all know that bees are an essential part of the ecosystem but they can also become a serious hazard when they swarm and nest in certain places. Wasps and bees can attack small animals and children creating devastation and even death.  It can sometimes be difficult to determine the seriousness of the threat. It can also be a challenge at times to correctly identify whether the problem at hand is centered on wasps or bees. These flying, stinging pests can vary widely in size and shape. Continue reading